Hello all our friends over the world!

Our names are Ali and Ahmed and we are brothers.. We are the owners of Mona Lisa Horse Stable in Dahab.

We love our work with the horses really, but its not only work, it is our live, our passion.

We started our Journey with horses in Cairo by the Pyramids, one of the most famous place in Egypt. Ahmed and me learned there how to train horses for riding, jumping, racing, dancing or other exercises. We grew up on the back from horses and we learned fast, how we have to take care about these wonderful animals.

And now we sit, eat, drink, sleep and live next to our horses in our stable in Dahab, the little Paradise in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt. And we hope you will come to enjoy with us together a ride trough the desert, during the mountains or along the beach on our lovely horses.

With kind regards

Ali and Ahmed